//The Difference and Advantage Between Seamless Steel Tube and Welded Tube

The Difference and Advantage Between Seamless Steel Tube and Welded Tube

Seamless steel pipe is applied in many fields, such as construction, transportation, etc., seamless steel pipe can be used in many fields, it must have its own advantages and advantages. Compared with the ordinary steel tube used before, seamless steel tube adopts a series of high-tech manufacturing techniques, and then there is the high quality of seamless steel tube.

Everybody is familiar with welded pipe. What’s the difference between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe today?

First: the most important thing is that they have different molding processes. Ordinary steel pipe, such as water pipes, usually by flat plate after bending, welding, this process is simple and rough, finished products after processing can be found in the above a weld. The seamless steel tube is usually the molten steel through the circular slot after the backlog of the steel, and then after stretching and other processing technology molding, in this process there is no weld.

In terms of performance, seamless steel tube has greatly improved in bearing capacity compared with ordinary steel tube, so it is often used in high pressure equipment. Such as hydraulic equipment pipeline connection. The weld position of ordinary steel tube is its weak link, and the weld quality is also the main factor affecting its overall performance.

Therefore, seamless steel pipe is increasingly recognized. WanSteel, the largest seamless steel pipe and spiral steel pipe manufacturer and supplier in China, will welcome you with better quality and more exquisite skills.

Seamless steel tube service life

Now that we have bought seamless steel pipe, we all hope to increase its utilization rate to the maximum. How to make better use of seamless steel tube, this will be our WanSteel in seamless steel tube production process excellence, improve the service life of seamless steel tube to the greatest extent possible.

The seamless steel pipe produced by us has different materials, and the elements are different naturally. Generally speaking, our seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust. But that’s not to say that since seamless steel is not easy to rust we don’t have to worry about it, we just put it aside so we can rest easy. Because seamless steel tube cleavage does not pay attention to maintenance, its service life will also be shortened, which will also bring unnecessary loss to our seamless steel tube factory and customers. Since everyone buys seamless steel tube to hope the service life can be longer, so we should pay attention to seamless steel tube maintenance.

Seamless steel tube on the process to increase the life, the first is to acid pickling to remove surface scale of seamless steel pipe, and then treated with lubrication, so for steel pipe pickling and passivation surface processing, the surface to form a layer of protective film. . The seamless steel tube can be further protected by one refill after pickling

In this way, the seamless steel pipe produced by us can maximize his service life and improve the utilization rate.

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