//Indonesia Formulate Measures to Protect It’s Steel Pipe Market

Indonesia Formulate Measures to Protect It’s Steel Pipe Market

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Facing the increasingly severe international seamless steel pipe market, Indonesia’s minister of industry Airlangga spoke at the 2018 annual meeting of the southeast Asia iron and steel research institute.Indonesia is also one of the world’s top galvanized steel pipe manufacturer and suppliers.

Global steel production increase quickly, the scale of steel production capacity in developing countries always appeared in 2017, 700 million tons of excess leads to the deterioration of the steel prices, profits and employment, then vicious competition intensified the market risk, interfere with the industry sustainable development, examing healthy economic growth.

YiErLang added that as the world’s major steel consumers, strengthen the protection of the local market in the United States, a new round of adjustment will lead to the global steel market, Japan, India, South Korea and other main suppliers will intensify efforts to develop market, southeast Asia and Indonesia must guard against imported steel dumping risk this year.

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