//Seamless Steel Pipe Price Per Ton Trend in Winter 2018

Seamless Steel Pipe Price Per Ton Trend in Winter 2018

Today, we focus on the price trend of seamless steel pipes. In the winter of 2018, the market demand for seamless steel pipes is reduced. This is the annual trend. China is a global seamless steel pipe supplier, and many foreign customers, such as the United States, Australia, Customers such as Japan and Malaysia like to buy a large number of seamless steel pipes in winter.

The most direct impact of site stoppage on seamless steel pipes is the weakening of demand, but on the other hand, our seamless steel pipe manufacturers are also limited to 50% of the corresponding production, and the supply is also narrowing. From the current market point of view, although the shutdown order began to be implemented, the market also showed weak supply and demand, but most of the businesses are still bullish, but the current seamless steel pipe market price is more chaotic, the market price positioning is also uneven, half low The price is trading at a high volume. However, for the later seamless steel pipe market, most of the mentality is more optimistic, and the market is still optimistic, The price per ton of seamless steel pipe still has a certain upside.

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